In 2009, I went to sea to work on the ocean. At first, I thought it was to become a fisherman, a mariner, then an engineer.  In reality, I went to sea to become an artist. One of those odd life twists, one never sees coming.  The magic started after midnight. Instead of a leaving a list of my drinks, I started drawing pictures and cartoons on a bar napkin and leaving them for the bartender to find in the morning. Other passengers found them first, and over time, I developed a following, and a style.

My artistic progress is very organic. I'm shocked people want to buy my art, but, I'm happy to oblige. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting away with something, but the pleasure I glean from the process of making a piece, and the happiness I feel from my admirers tells me to keep on with my efforts.

My instincts tell me there is something to this, but to what end I have no clue. I'm enjoying the flow.

My process starts with an idea. It emerges instantly from somewhere in my mind, and I know that is what I will work with and the next project. From there, I turn to marker and paper towel and work out the composition and light. I then prep my canvas, creating my borders and rough grid of thirds and halves on the tape that covers my border. At this point, I take some time and watch the canvas and visualize what could be. Then I begin...

I'm intrigued by the creative process. My minds eye vision of my creation at the beginning of the project flows and changes to the very end.  Two questions that fascinate me: How do you know when a piece is finished? Where does that feeling come from?

i've noticed I'm a relatively slow, but steady artist. While working my day job, I only have about 2 hours maximum to work on a piece a day. So I make small progress daily until completion.

On land, I travel in a custom van, I designed and built myself. It is my art and adventure center, and this will be my studio until life dictates something larger.

I'm now working mostly with charcoal.  I think it's my strongest medium. I love the strong dynamic of black and white.

I've carried camera gear around for 20 years. It's developed my compositional eye and understanding of light.

I love oil painting. On my vacations, I travel to art museums and study the masters. This is my verstion of going to art school. I can spend all day studying the strokes and light of those who came before me.

I believe in art everywhere. I like working in stones and natural materials. Thanks, Goldsworthy. As a mariner, I  have a strong interest in the working and artistry of knots.

Beyond visual art, I pick on a banjo, mountain dulcimer, and acoustic guitar. I live outside. I cook my meals and breathe good air.

Thank you for your interest.