My high school art teacher used to call my work, "sarcastic." She was referring to a pastel "American Gothic" reproduction where I blatantly turned the old man with the pitchfork into the giggling devil. Who was I to disagree?

These days, I think it's more whimsical.

Most of my work is temporary - Zen Influences, I suppose. I do not take myself or my creations seriously, though I offer them sincerely.

I'm intrigued by the creative process. My minds eye vision of my creation at the beginning of the project flows and changes to the very end.  Two questions that fascinate me: How do you know when a piece is finished? Where does that feeling come from?

I sketch a lot on paper towel. I find it a fantastic medium. These sketches are often the first draft to my paintings. It is a medium I dearly love. I'm continually surprised at how giving and dynamic recycled paper towel can be.

I've carried photographic equipment for twenty years. In that time, I developed my eye. I think my Zen Photos are my strongest, and I offer some of them here.

Photography is easy. Anyone can point a camera and push a button. Painting on the other hand, requires physical coordination. When I started painting, I was surprised by this fact. It's hard. It gave me a new sense of respect for the masters. Not only do they create beautiful color and composition, but they also had the ability to put it on canvas.

Now I'm back to my roots, and have retaken up my charcoal sticks and canvas boards. I think it's my strongest medium. I love the strong dynamic of black and white.

I believe in art everywhere. Why not? Some of my favorite works are done in chocolate frosting on a plate, or a pile of stones stacked up on a river. My creative drive is insatiable and unstoppable. When an idea hits, I have no choice but to create. And in this, I find my heaven.

Thank you for your interest.